Image of CAUTION: Pixie Poision! #EyeshadowGlitter

CAUTION: Pixie Poision! #EyeshadowGlitter


Attention, Queendom! There has been an attack on our Pixies! 😰 As you know, Pixies LOVE Pixie Dust! They live it, breathe it, create it, eat it—you name it! Someone has simultaneously replaced all our specially named Pixie Dust with replicas that are POISON! Our fairy god mother has done her research on these mock-up poisons, and they have terrible outcomes for our beloved Pixies!😥 Help us get rid of all the poison!

Heartbreak Hotel💔— When a Pixie comes in contact with this dust, they EXPLODE!😱

Azure Avalanche❄️— When a Pixie comes in contact with this dust, ice spreads throughout their tiny bodies and their hearts FREEZE!

Winter Splinter🌬— Pure and alluring, when a Pixie consumes this dust, they grow deadly splinters!

Xanthous Strophanthus🌼— With this strange and interesting name, this dust is has a intriguing yellow color (xanthous) and has poisonous seeds (strophanthus)! 🥵 when a Pixie consumes or even touches this dust, they’ll immediately explode into nothing!

Image of CAUTION: Pixie Poision! #EyeshadowGlitter